The training you have selected is too ‘off topic’

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1. It will help you do your current/new job better

2. It will help you grow within the organization so you can get a promotion someday (also known as career development)

Dear Boss,

I want to take the We Hack Purple Application Security Foundations Program for my training this year. I know you told me that it’s too ‘off topic’ for my job, but I wanted to explain to you how it will definitely help me do my job better.

Right now, our InfoSec team keeps bringing in a PenTester to test our apps right before we release them. They always find 100 things wrong, because none of my dev team knows security. We always end up with late projects and everyone freaking out, because it’s so last minute. Lots of overtime and stress.

Also, the program comes with a copy of Alice and Bob Learn Application Security. I know the one copy we have is currently constantly being used by my team for reference, so having a second copy would be really great.

If I took this course, I would know how we could do this better. The dev team could do some testing ourselves (carefully), and other stuff to make sure our apps are in better shape by the time the PenTester comes. The program has a secure coding guideline we could adopt, and even an API best practices guide. We currently have no idea how to secure our APIs, and we keep reading on the internet and we’re lost. This course would help me understand so much! And then I could be the ‘security champion’ on our dev team, the one everyone can turn to when they need help. I know you feel this is outside my job description, but someone has to do it. I want that someone to be me.





Tanya Janca’s Application Security Adventures #WeHackPurple

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Tanya Janca’s Application Security Adventures #WeHackPurple

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