How to get your boss to approve the training you want

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Dear Boss,

I want to take the Application Security Foundations Program from We Hack Purple for my training this year. I know you feel it’s too expensive and that we might not have the budget but let me explain how I think it will save us more money than it costs.

We keep hiring consultants to help us with our AppSec Program, and that is very expensive. And we haven’t been getting the results we want, they show up and write one policy or one guideline, then leave. This program will provide some starter policies, standards and guidelines, so we don’t need to pay that consultant anymore. After taking the training I will know what to do and have tools to start with so I can hit the ground running.

We also keep changing our strategy, because we haven’t been getting the results we want, and the dev teams don’t seem to be ‘on board’ with what we have been doing. This program will not only help me build and plan an entire AppSec program throughout the three courses, in Level 2 of the program there’s an entire module to teach me how to support our culture change (advocacy), how to build a security champions program, AND how to make presentations that aren’t the death-by-PowerPoint that we are used to giving. They even show us how to measure the effectiveness of our program, so we know if the strategy we are using is actually *working*, so we can know when we need to change or stay the course. Right now, we are just guessing at what to do to make sure our software is secure, but with this program, I would know.

I realize that $999 USD is a lot, and we are a small company. But this is the only training I could find like this on the internet, one that will teach me how to build and launch an AppSec program. That’s what the company needs me to do. Please approve this training so I can get started.






Tanya Janca’s Application Security Adventures #WeHackPurple

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Tanya Janca’s Application Security Adventures #WeHackPurple

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